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  • Single User License:  You'll gain access to your own private Telawportal where you will instantly have access to the following features and benefits.
  • ​Unlimited Statements:  For one low monthly (or yearly) fee you'll be able to conduct and video record as many statements as you want on any given month.​​
  • One-on-one training: We will show you how to easily use Telawport so you can get started conducting or monitoring statements in minutes.
  • No Tech Knowledge Needed: Launch and start your statement in minutes ... you and the witness can instantly be face to face (without any tech hassles or frustrations) just as if you both walked into a room.
  • ​​Seamlessly Implement As Part Of Your Current Statement Taking Process: Set it and forget it so you can focus on asking questions and getting necessary information, while Telawport automatically runs and does it's job without any distractions. 
  • ​​And many other features and benefits.  Here are some, just to name a few...
Features and Benefits
Whether you conduct or assign statements (or both) Telawport empowers you.
When you conduct...
  • ​Easily Conduct Statements (Interview, EUO, Depo) Virtually : Question anyone (no matter where you are or where they are) in just a few minutes so you can get the information needed without delay.
  • Invite Others To Attend Virtually From Where They Are : Have team members listen, watch and participate with you ... those who attend can simply be a fly on the wall or they can collaborate with you, without interruptions and knowledge of the witness. 
  • ​Share documents and pictures : Easily share documents with the witness to ask questions or mark as exhibits used during  your statement.  
  • ​Video Record Any (or Every) Statement : Have all the answers and witness testimony on video ... you instantly have a video recording of the statement that you can replay to create reports, review information provided to further your investigation.
  • Easily share with team members :  Download and share videos with those that weren't able to attend live or wish to have the video in order to watch the statement, gauge witness credibility and use during roundtable discussions. 
When you assign...
  • Monitor Any Statement (Interview, EUO, Deposition) Virtually :  Assign a file and stay in control which means you can have others conduct statements while you monitor their questions, behaviors and ensure you get all the information needed.
  • Attend Any Statement You Want :  Watch and listen as your investigator or attorney asks questions and the witness answers, so you can assess answers and gauge credibility of witness.
  • Collaborate With Your Investigators And Attorneys : Ask questions and give your input ... as the statement is being conducted you can address all questions and concerns, and clarify discrepancies. ​
  • Have Any Team Member Attend Too : Invite colleagues, managers, experts, attorneys or others so you can all attend and simply listen and watch or actively give their input and questions, without interruptions and knowledge by the witness.
  • Have A Video Record Of Any (or Every) Statement : Have all the answers and witness testimony on video so you can share videos with others, together assess witness credibility and review information provided to determine next steps. 
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